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 Are you interested in becoming a member of the Central Coast Dental Society, California Dental Association and the American Dental Association or in transferring from another component? Becoming a member of the tripartite offers many rewards! 

CDA Member Benefits

ADA Member Benefits

CCDS Member Benefits

  •  Continuing education courses held locally
  •  Opportunities for community service and professional leadership
  •  Camaraderie and support from colleagues
  •  Licensure Renewal Courses (mandated OSHA, Dental Practice Act, Infection Control)
  •  Representation at all levels of government
  •  Membership meetings that include continuing education units
  •  Job placement services for associates and allied health professionals
  •  Peer Review Services (an alternative to costly legal action)
  •  Membership directory with specialty and geographic reference
  •  A forum for new professionals
  •  Social events with colleagues
  •  Access to members-only online information thorough our website
  •  Local newsletter
  •  Volunteer opportunities to educate and treat the underserved population in the community
  •  Guidance to services provided by the ADA and CDA
  •  Insurance - members see the value of purchasing malpractice and oother necessary business insurance packages through TDIC Insurance, a benefit available only to members
  •  Employment opportunites - CCDS assists dentists looking for employment and dentists looking for associates and staff
  •  CDA Practice Support Center
  •  Advocacy - the ADA, CDAand CCDS have your back, with a team of advocacy professionals whose sole purpose is to advocate for the dental profession and your patients.  CDA is a powerful voice in Sacramento, ADA in Washinton, DC and CCDS with local legislators
  • Credibility - 8 out of 10 dentists can't be wrong.  More than 250 dentists locally and 25,000 in Californaia value the credibility of being able to tell their patients that they are ADA/CDA/CCDS members.


Register directly online with CDA (make sure you have your license number handy):

Membership Application:


**Good news!

The Electronic Dues Payment program is a payment option that allows you to break your membership dues into equal monthly installments. Dues are deducted automatically from the checking account you designate on the fifteenth of the month that you enroll and thereafter until paid in full. Once enrolled, your membership is evergreen and will automatically renew annually. Should you need to change the checking account from which your payment is deducted, log on to your profile, go to the “My Account” page, select “Update Membership Payment Information” and follow the prompts.




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